Metamorphosis: A Photographic Journey of Identity, Transformation, and Globalization

July 9, 2023
Stavros Messinis

M-ART BOOKS is excited to unveil “Metamorphosis,” a compelling new photography book by acclaimed artist Stavros Messinis. Scheduled for release in September 2023, this captivating collection takes readers on an experimental journey into the sociological concept of the melting pot while delving into the complexities of multiculturalism, identity transformation, and assimilation in our increasingly globalized world.

In “Metamorphosis,” Stavros Messinis fearlessly pushes the boundaries of conventional photography, showcasing a multidimensional realm of artistic expression. Through unconventional techniques such as boiling water film development and re-photographing burned selfies, he captures the essence of personal experiences and the diverse environments encountered during his travels across Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Metamorphosis is more than a mere collection of photographs; it is an exploration of the human condition, a visual narrative that unveils the complexities of our rapidly changing world. It is an invitation to contemplate the profound impact of these sociological concepts on personal evolution. Through his artistic vision, Stavros sparks conversations and encourages readers to embrace the beauty and intricacies found within the diverse tapestry of our society.

“Metamorphosis” will be available for purchase starting September 2023 through the official M-ART BOOKS website ( Pre-orders are now open for those eager to secure their copy of this extraordinary publication.

About Stavros Messinis
Stavros Messinis is a multi-award-winning photographer, publisher, and poet. He studied photography and journalism in Greece and Australia, and he is the founder of the Photopoetics zine and the art book publishing house M-Art Books. His work has been exhibited in solo and group shows. His photobook Dream State won the ”2018 Best Photobook Design Award” at the “CCP Salon 2018″ of the Centre for Contemporary Photography (Australia), and it was a finalist in ”2018 Australia and New Zealand Photobook Award”. The Dream State was exhibited at photo festivals in Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, and India. He recently published three photobooks: The Scream, Rebirth, and Sovereign Sun. Stavros’s photopoetic composition Iland received the Second Prize in the 2022 Australian Photobook Award Pre-press Digital Student category.

About M-ART Books
M-ART BOOKS is a publisher specializing in contemporary photography and visual arts. Committed to bringing exceptional works to readers, M-ART BOOKS collaborates with renowned and emerging artists, showcasing their voices and presenting their creations in beautifully crafted editions.

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