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The act of leaving a mark on a wall has been a human impulse for thousands of years, representing a way of leaving a lasting impact, connecting with the past, and transmitting messages to future generations. The Rebirth series is an exploration of creation, destruction, and renewal deeply rooted in the Abstract Expressionism tradition. This art movement emerged in post-World War II America as a response to the trauma of the war, characterized by gestural brushwork, raw emotion, and a rejection of traditional techniques and styles. Key figures of the movement include Franz Kline, Willem de Kooning, Jackson Pollock, and photographer Aaron Siskind, whose work continues to inspire contemporary artists.

The Rebirth series uses close-up photography to explore the rich and varied textures of painted surfaces, revealing abstract forms, patterns, and shapes that become a visual exploration of the cyclical nature of life and the constant interplay between birth and decay. The series’ images are a celebration of the dynamic, ever-changing beauty of the world, reminding us of our connection to the past and the endless possibilities of the future. Through its celebration of the creative impulse, exploration of the cyclical nature of life, and use of close-up photography, the Rebirth series provides a unique window into the human condition and the power of art to communicate profound truths about the human experience.

  • The book has been exhibited at prestigious events such as the PHOTO2022 Photobook Weekend and the 2020 NGV Art Book Fair in Melbourne.

Publication date: May 2022, Second edition
Format: Softcover
Size: 16 cm x 26 cm
Number of pages: 36 pages with a tri-folded cover
Type of printing: Inkjet printed on specialty papers
ISBN: 978-0-9953707-3-9


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